7 Consequences of Delaying Roof Replacement

Egad! A new roof is expensive! We get it. But avoiding roof replacement will actually cost you more in
the long run. If you want your home or commercial building to last, you need to replace your roof about
every 20 years. Delay roof replacement, and you run the risk of even more expensive home repairs
down the road. So, what are the consequences of procrastinating, instead of calling Culbertson
Construction for a roof replacement?

7 Consequences of Delaying Roof Replacement

Leaks That Cause Water Damage

You can suspect a leaky roof is to blame if you see brown stains on the ceiling or walls or puddles or
wetness in unexpected areas.

Higher Utility Bills That Rob Your Wallet

Your roof is a like a lid. The lid keeps in the warm air in the winter and the air-conditioned, cool air in the
summer. When heating and cooling bills spike due to escaped air, you need a new lid, AKA roof

Mold & Mildew That Harm Your Health

A healthy home or business is a No. 1 concern for those living, working, and visiting. Moisture buildups
sometimes cause mold and mildew to grow, threatening the health and well-being of people with
respiratory issues, allergies, or other health problems.

Animal & Pest Infestations That Create Health Hazards

Faulty roofs create enticing environments for animals and pests to live. Roof replacement helps to block
unwelcome critters, like insects, bats, raccoons, and squirrels. Infestations can cause structural damage.
Plus, they are a health hazard.

Structural Damage That Leads to More Problems

A roof’s structural integrity directly impacts a home or building’s interior and foundation. An old, faulty
roof might be a sign of an unstable foundation or water-damaged interior.

Safety Issues That Threaten Well-being

Driving around rural Wisconsin, you’ve probably seen Wisconsin barn roofs that are caving in. These
barns lost their ability to safely house animals, crops, and machinery. The same goes for old roofs on
homes and businesses. Without timely roof replacement, homes can become inhabitable.

Resale Value That Hampers Real Estate Deals

The property value of a home or business diminishes if the roof is in disrepair. A leaky roof or missing
shingles will lower the resale value of the property. On the other hand, a new roof increases property
value and is likely to attract better offers from interested buyers.

Time for Roof Replacement

At Culbertson Construction, we make roof replacement as painless as possible. We typically can shingle
a roof in just one day. Our prices are fair and competitive, and we provide free estimates for both
residential and commercial roofing. Culbertson Construction, Green Bay, is Rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, so you know you’re getting a contractor you can trust. We are members of the Brown
County Home Builders and Wisconsin Builders Association.

Don’t delay roof replacement any longer. Call Ben Culbertson (920-362-4204) for an estimate in
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